I am a beginner at coding and Xcode program & could not follow the tutorial

I bought I beacon developer kit (proximity)
and waiting to receive it , but the thing is I am only a beginner at coding and Xcode program, and the tutorial here http://developer.estimote.com/ibeacon/tutorial/part-1-setting-up/
looks pretty much helpful , but I could not follow it because I needed visuals and videos to follow better
and also could not find one on youtube
1- could someone film a video of the process of building a simple beacon-enabled iOS app ?
2- and how to add the Ibeacon codes to any app ?

Which parts do you struggle with? Maybe we can help here, on forums!

Thank you for the reply

I saw a tutorial explaining how to change the screen color of your device whenever you get close to a beacon

but I need further!
I want to know how to programme my application to open custom or special pages whenever it is close to a beacon ?
because I making an application for an art gallery … & want to use these beacon on every artwork so that people can read about them on their phone when they walk by an artwork