How to write NFC tag

Having just ordered a set of the new Proximity beacons, I tried writing the NFC tag using NXP TagWriter on Android. It is telling me that the tag is read-only though?

How can I write to the NFC tag? I don’t see an apparent way to add them otherwise.

Our NFC tags work a bit differently in that you configure them over Bluetooth, not directly over NFC. We did it this way, because we already have security measures in place for configuring beacons over Bluetooth, so that no unauthorized person can re-configure your beacon, or change the NFC message. (NFC-writable tags don’t have any authentication schemes in place AFAIK.)

To program the beacon’s NFC over Bluetooth, you can use version 0.11 of our Android SDK:

Here’s our guide how to use the SDK to connect to and access the configuration API

After you’re connected and all set, for NFC, you will want to use this:, new SettingCallback<EstimoteNdefMessage>() {
  public void onSuccess(EstimoteNdefMessage savedMessage) {
   // Success!

  public void onFailure(DeviceConnectionException exception) {
   // Booo :-(

And here’s the specs of the EstimoteNdefMessage class:

Is this still the quickest way to have a NFC tap send to a website on someone’s mobile? Can you update the link “Here’s our guide how…” it’s broken.

Has anyone managed to write to the NFC tag with custom values? I understand that current only the Android SDK support this functionality?

I have tried researching the current documentations and sample apps but they are mostly related to reading of NFC tag values but links to “writing” seems to be broken or not available

Firstly Install an NFC Tag Writing App, Once NXP TagWriter is installed launch the app and click “New” at the bottom right of the screen. You will be presented with a few different options of what to write to your tags. Select the “Link” option to enter a URL. Finally, click “Save & Write”.