Detect user time spend at beacon location

Hi all,

I’m trying to figure use case to deploy beacon to detect duration customer stay at specific sections in a mall.

As i understand I can use one unique UUID declare as region to be monitor by the app, but the didEnterRegion does not providing the major & minor needed to identify which beacon was detected. The app will be able to have a short time to do the ranging to retrieve the major & minor for about 10s after the didEnterRegion trigger.

What if I have beacons that have overlaps coverage detection space?
Let’s say the space have 4 beacons and when customer move from 1 beacon to another there won’t be any exit/enter region trigger as the UUID/region still the same.
What will be the better implementation or solution for this scenario if I want to log time duration of customer stay at different beacons?


You could monitor all 4 beacons separately. Then you’ll get individual enter/exit events for each beacon.