How to reduce noise in Android?

Hello Estimote team,

We are working for Android apps with Estimote beacons. I placed Beacon in fixed location and i tested from 2 meters range of Beacon at that time I am getting different distances (like 2.0 meters to 4.0 meters vary) still I am in the same location.

So, we want know how its varying the distance like that. Except this we are very fine with Estimote beacons. Is there any solution to fix this. Please share me the best solution to fix this.

Thanks & Regards,
Siva Polam

Hi @Polam_Naganji!

Keep in mind that iBeacon standard was not designed for exact positioning. The radio waves beacons send may fluctuate or be distracted by environment. You can read more about beacons’ physics here. Also keep in mind that Android devices don’t have any noise-cancelling methods in the OS and that could cause different results.

Try to experiment with the advertising interval, maybe that will help.

Cheers! :slight_smile: