How to monitor multiple beacons which are very close to each other?

can I define a region with small radius?

Hi Yue,

In general user uses id, major and minor - so you cannot range just based distance. You can, after ranging returned a collection of beacons ordered by distance, filter out those "too far". This way it would seem that you have only beacons only near you.

Please take a look at:

Thanks for quick response. I implemented a RangingListener and calculated the nearest beacon in onBeaconsDiscovered method. Somehow, it does not work as I expected when I move away from one beacon and towards another beacon.

Hi there,

Could you elaborate a bit more on what is the expected result and what happens? Keep in mind that RSSI (proximity) readings might fluctuate due to factors like radio interference or multipath propagation. Therefore sometimes you might get 'false positives' on which beacon is closer if both are nearby. You might want to play with adjusting advertising interval and broadcasting power for better results.