How to distinguish between entry and exit to iBeacon?

I am placing iBeacon at the gate of the door, would like to distinguish when a mobile device enters the gate and exit the gate. Is this possible to distinguish between entry and exit. I guess iBeacon emit in all the directions.

Hi Sumit,

This could be achieved by monitoring regions. You can read more about it in this article.

The tricky part is that placing a beacon only near the gate door would not tell you if the person with a mobile device is entering or leaving. You would have to test placing more beacons inside the room and setting up different regions. You could set the app to detect if a mobile device has entered the region of the beacons in the room for the past hour, for example. If yes, then it would mean the device is leaving the room, if not- its entering.

You can also check this post about Monitoring and Ranging.

I hope this helped!

Having two beacons (they don’t cost much) and placing one at the gate and the other slightly inside, you can distinguish entry/exit based on which one was last or first detected. Works with both region monitoring or ibeacon ranging. Cheers.