How to configure my store product in beacon?


please help me how to configure my product with it’s attribute in beacon and display all product information using Bluetooth not wireless/internet.

Thanks in advance !!


It looks like you might be misunderstanding the capabilities of beacons. Fortunately, we have a great Getting started with Estimote, beacons, and microlocation guide that should walk you through the basics. Let us know if you still have any questions afterwards!

Thanks for your answer.

Sorry i am new in beacon technology so can you please help me to understood .

is there anyway to load product from beacon to using Bluetooth?

can i able to add any data(text and image) in beacon memory and once we connect with beacon beacon will resend data to mobile is that possible with beacon?

Beacons themselves don’t store any text or images. Beacons are more like GPS coordinates, which you can take and translate them into an actual location in the world (city, country, etc.), but in and on themselves, carry no additional data. Read the Getting Started guide I linked to above for more details.

Is it possible to store string / image / pdf in beacon’s memory? You said no, but it’s done in iOS. Is it possible in android?

You said no, but it’s done in iOS.

No it’s not (: The images you see in the iOS/Android demos are bundled with the app itself. The app detects the presence of the beacon, calculate the proximity, and choose which image to show.

That said … since February, we introduced the possibility to store up to 1 Mbit of data (i.e., 128 kbytes) in Location Beacon’s EEPROM memory:

So now, you could store some text or small images/resources directly in the beacon (:

(Note that only the Location Beacons—hardware revision “F”—have the EEPROM memory.)

Thank you for your response.

I asked about that 1 Mb memory inbuilt in beacon devices itself… while we enter into a beacon’s range, beacon details including UUID, major,minor,distance,etc,.will be delivered to our app from the beacon. But along with those data, an extra string (stored in that 1 Mb memory) also should be delivered. Is it possible in android? Because i found it possible in iOS. If possible, please let me know how to store a string into a beacon’s memory(1 Mb) and how to retrieve it when our app enters a beacon’s range using android.

Ah, gotcha! Yes, you can use the Beacon Storage API with our Android SDK too, we just haven’t gotten around to making an example yet (; [but we’re close to uploading them, just another week or two!]

Here is a short code snippet to hopefully get you started:

… and if you have any questions or run into any issues, just post here and we’ll help (:

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yeah sure…! Thank you…

Is there any example code for storing data (String / image) into beacon’s 1Mb memory. You said that the code will be updated soon. If it’s ready, it will be helpful for us.