How sticker orientation and temaperature used in real life?

Hello @heypiotr

I want to make ios application which use stickers.I have some question in my mind.
How stickers orientation and temperature measurement is used ? Can you give one or more real life example ?

Thank you.

It’s all to basically allow your app to figure what what’s going on with the object the sticker is attached to.

For example, stick the sticker to the lid of your laptop, and you can now if the lid is open (vertical orientation) or closed (horizontal orientation).

Or stick it to a potted plant, and you know whether the temperature is optimal for the plant’s growth.

I once used a sticker on my coffee mug to alert me that my coffee is getting cold (:

Hi @heypiotr,

Thanks for this nice examples.
How can I convert stickers RSSI into meter?