How much programming experience is needed?

Hi, how much programming experience should I have prior to purchasing the Estimote Beacons? I have a concept and don’t want to delay on prototyping it… but I have never made a mobile app of any kind before. I’ll be using Android initially because my phone is a Nexus 5 (laptop is Macbook). Should I purchase the Estimotes and just dig in or will that just frustrate me? Is better to learn some fundamentals of Android Development first?

Most of the tutorials I’m seeing on the site and discussions are about iBeacon and iOS development which also has me concerned.


try to start with these tutorials could be interesting for you :wink:

My opinion is get familiar with basic syntax for writing an android app. The Estimote SDK is really easy to get used to ,so I would suggest learning the basics while trying the beacons. You just don’t want to overwhelm yourself with so much new knowledge of how to code and how to learn an SDK if you cant really wrap your head around whats going on and why. But the best way to learn is to use examples of stuff you want to code. One more thing, you can download I believe the android Estimote SDK example , and look through the code. Get familiar with how the beacons interact, and manipulate the code inside to see what changes.

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