How Configure shares for each beacon using your mac address?

Hello , I’m starting to work With This technology and so far I can detercar the ibeacons but no recognize to program an action to each one

Hello, welcome to the community! :wave: :smiley:

You can take our iOS SDK and put it in your app, which will enable it to keep scanning for nearby beacons and perform actions that you code it to do.

I suggest to start the learning path on our Estimote Developer site. There’s a short Getting Started guide to explain the basics of how to use the SDK. Then you can take a look at our brand new tutorial to see how to change content in your app depending on which beacon you’re at.

If you have some specific use case or application that you want to build with beacons in mind, please share and we’ll help you get started (:

thank you very much for answering :slight_smile: