How can I access beacon properties like batteryLevel, temperature, remainingLifetime etc.?

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I want to get all the beacon properties in didDiscoverBeacons or didRangeBeacons it possible we can access all property of beacon when app is killed i know that method is call when app is shut off but i am not getting all property.what is the best way to access all the property when app is kill and application in background.

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It is not possible, because when you are ranging in background, this action is controlled by SO and it is not supported.

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I have one more Query I want to user [self.beacon connect] method in didRangeBeacons method i know that didRange and monitoring method not called at that time.I want to call [self.beacon connect] after didRangeBeacons start is it possible ? i lalready set Apptokan and secret value in AppDelegate.m file.

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Ok it works now after initialize beacon object.

Example :- beacon = [[ESTBeacon alloc] init];