Hi all, I want to use data supplied from delegate beaconManager:didDiscoverBeacons:inRegion: such as the array that contains discovered beacons. I get them correctly but when I try to access to the distance property of the first beacon it gives me null. Any explanation? I need to use didDiscoverBeacon method because it gives a faster rate update of beacons, instead of didRangeBeacon that is called every second.


Hi Giacomo,

It is not possible to get the distance propperty from beacons that were found using "startEstimoteBeaconsDiscovery". You can only approximate the distance using the rssi property of ESTBeacon object.

The distance property is available only when using CoreLocation, so "startRangingForBeacons" method.

Hi Ula,
got it. Is there a way to get data in a faster rate than the one given from didRangeBeacon?

Hi Giacomo,

I'm afraid there's no way to do that if you want to get the distance in meters not only the RSSI.