Getting beacons data in didEnterRegion and didExitRegion

Is there a way to get the list of beacon(s) which triggered the didExitRegion and didEnterRegion events (iOS SDK)?

I'm guessing that the object that initiate this event have this information so why not pass it as a parameter instead of just passing the region.

In general didEnter and didExit events are triggered based on the region object you passed in monitoring. If you define region for particular beacon (you need to pass UUID, Major, Minor) you know right away what beacon triggered event. If you you pass less precise region definition (e.g. UUID only) it means that region can be build from few beacons. In that case you have no details information what was the neared beacon that triggered action. The only option is to start raging just after event occurrence - you can get list of beacons this way. But this solution works only for enter event.