Entering and leaving a region - determining specific beacons

So I have 4 wildcard regions that I’m currently monitoring.
After entering a region I save the beacons that create it (so I can access their minor’s later on) in an array.
When I exit the region I only have access to the region that I exited from (so I don’t know which beacons are no longer near). Is there a way for me to determine which beacons actually are gone?


Short story: no.

As you mentioned, you are using multiple wildcard regions. Let’s take a example of single region that enter was triggered by 3 beacons. Now we are loosing 2 beacons but we are still in the region, no exit event (since there is one beacon left). Than we are loosing last beacon and exiting region.

Question: what beacons are actually gone? There is no easy answer. to that.

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Thanks for the help!