Gather tag info like "3m away from Room101"

hi guys it is possible to gather information on beacon like this. “4m away from Room101”
i have 8 beacons and i want to do it that way. I can only gather data like “Room101”. Thanks

im using react native on my app.

Estimote Proximity SDK doesn’t have an API for distance estimations to the beacon. By extension, our React Native plugin based on that SDK (, doesn’t support that either.

You could try some alternative plugins based on iBeacon instead, since iBeacon APIs on iOS do have some notion of providing distance estimations to the beacon. How exactly to get to that will depend on the specific plugin, but generally you’ll need to find/do startRanging, and then in ranging results (didRange) look for accuracy. Oh, and you’ll need to enable the iBeacon packet on your Estimote Beacons, since it’s disabled by default.