Floor by floor Proximity detection (1st, 2nd, 3rd Floor)

hello guys, can i ask how can i detect on proximity beacon the floor by floor. (example if im on the 2nd floor or 3rd floor).


My first idea: spread your beacons throughout the floors, and then either:

  1. Tag them accordingly (“floor1”, “floor2”, etc.), and create one ProximityZone for each floor, with the appropriate tag. This way, you can assign enter/exit actions for each ProximityZone = for each floor.

  2. Assign the floor number to the beacon as a key-value attachment. (“floor” key = “1” value, “floor” key = “2” value, etc.) This way, in the enter/exit/context-change actions, you can inspect the triggering beacon’s attachment and the “floor” key, and ta-da, you know what floor the beacon is installed at.

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thanks sir will try that