Features availability on old Beacons hardware revision

Hi I have a pair of estimote beacon devices which i have purchased 3 to 4 years before. When i opened the device from silicon case, i see the following hardware revision:
> Beacon rev.F2.3
> 2016-Feb-03
I would like to understand the following items:

  1. Is software update still possible for this revision
  2. Can i find somewhere what features are supported on this hardware. So i can try to reprogram these devices to use for the smart home implementation.
  3. I can realize that it could be with old Bluetooth revisions, which means it might not possibly support UWB and Mesh network on BLE. Is there any document available on what is possible on this hardware to reprogram.
  4. Is there a forum thread on how to connect wirelessly these Beacons to other headless BLE mesh networks for further application like Raspberrypi or something else.