Estimote Stickers + ESP 32 chip

I am using estimote stickers to build a wearable assistive device bracelet for the visually impaired that helps them identify persons entering and exiting their proximity. This wearable device is based on a ESP32 chip, where the bluetooth module lets it detect the estimote stickers in its proximity. Then the bracelet would vibrate and give out audio to communicate the proximity zone of the user (ESP32 chip) to the stickers within range.

Earlier versions of this were based on designing an iPhone app. I am currently leveraging esp-idf framework. I was wondering if there is anything that Estimote has to support the internet-of-things development framework for ESP32 chip. If so, could you please refer them to me? Also please let me know how I can set up the beacons so that they can be detected by the ESP32 chip. Please let me know if you would like any further information about my project.