Do stickers implement the iBeacon protocol?


I’m wondering about the adherence of the Estimote Stickers to the iBeacon spec ( specifically, the UUID spec in particular: Every ID is 20 bytes long and is divided into three sections: proximityUUID (16 bytes) + major number (2 bytes) + minor number (2 bytes). I notice the Stickers do not adhere to this iBeacon spec unlike your Estimate Beacons… is this correct?


Actually, stickers broadcast both the iBeacon packet and our own packet. The latter includes a 64-bit long identifier which you can read using the current version (2.11) of the Estimote app. We’ve submitted a new version (2.12) to Apple for review—this one shows the UUID + major + minor of the sticker too (it’s derived from the 64-bit identifier), so you’ll be able to use them with any iBeacon compatible app.

Dear Piotr,

Thank you very much. Would you happen to know approximately when the new version (2.12) will be available?


The review process usually takes around 1-2 weeks—and it might be rather on the upper side now, granted that Apple’s just allowed submitting Watch-enabled apps. Not much we can do to speed to it up, I’m afraid, so I hope for your patience!

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1-2 weeks is quite acceptable. Let’s hope Apple is speedy with this review. I’m assuming then, Estimote will release a firmware update for 2.12 for the Nearables to enable pulling the UUID + major + minor off the Nearables?


Actually, no firmware update will be needed—stickers already advertise the iBeacon’s UUID + major + minor, so we’re only adding a screen to the app that will show it.

Hi Piotr,

Our team has explored the Estimote SDK reference and we cannot find a way to extract the UUID, Major, or Minor information from the Stickers. From the ESTNearable: it doesn’t seem obvious.

Furthermore, when we run tools like BLExplr: the UUID, Major, or Minor information from the Stickers is not presented.

Perhaps you could post a simple snippet or code example of this information being extracted would clarify things.

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Sorry if the subject is a bit old but I was looking for this too.
This worked for me (Swift):

let beaconRegion = nearable.beaconRegion()

and use

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