Estimote LTE Beacon : collecting repeated accel.get().z measurements for experiment

I have been tasked to produce a statistical assessment of the accel.get().z data from the LTE beacons. I want to vary the setSens and setResp methods as well.

Trouble is, with much experience in the asyn function world, I keep getting many repeats in the data, e.g. from 100 measurement there may be only 8-10 unique measurements.

Can someone provide a block of code to help me produce accurate data?


Does this code also produces repeated data when you move device?

timers.repeat("300ms", () => {
  print("Accel: " + JSON.stringify(sensors.accel.get()))

Can you share some code (and accelerometer data) that can replicate that behaviour?

Hi, thank you very much for the code snippet for me to try out.

My results, in interrogating the accelerometers in the Estimote LTE Beacons suggest non-continuous real data. That is, although there appears to be >12 digits of precision in the measurements, they are repeated and categorical (a very small number of repeated measurement independent of the interval between sensor.accel.get() calls).

This make it difficult for me to complete a true statistical assessment of the accel.get().z data as described earlier. I have yet to assess the setResp & setSens methods which appear to influence the outputs from the accelerometer ? Is that right?

Can you assist as I am writing a technical paper which explores the sensors on these cool beacons!