Estimote beacons emitting zero RSSI values

We are broadcasting beacons at 0 dbm and 100 ms advertising interval. We have enabled smart battery option for the beacons.

One month down the line we could notice the RSSI value of the detected beacons are zero most of the times.
Only at times proper readings are recorded.

Could you please let know the reason for beacons emitting zero values.

Hi Gospelson,

Thanks for reporting this. I'd appreciate if you could provide us with more data points to hopefully pin down the root cause:

  • iOS device models you're experiencing the problem with
  • iOS versions
  • beacon settings: advertising interval, broadcasting power, power modes
  • battery level
  • environment in which the issue manifests itself: distance to the beacon, any potential sources of interference etc.
  • does minimizing Bluetooth usage by other apps help?
  • does unpairing any wireless headsets, fitness trackers and other Bluetooth devices from the phone help?

Let me know.

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