Estimate Telemetry Scanning while offline causes connection errors?


While scanning for Estimote Telemetry broadcasts, I disable most elements in the EstimoteSDK in the following way:


When I’m working with devices, often I’ll be offline, and it looks like the SDK is pushing data back to the cloud with every Telemetry broadcast received, resulting in the following errors all through the logs:

EstimoteSDK:$3.failure:254 Unable to send telemetry data Unable to resolve host "": No address associated with hostname

I don’t see any other way to disable this feature of the SDK, although it’s certainly possible I’m missing something. Is there a better way for me to work offline and avoid these connection errors at the same time?

Thanks for any help you can provide! The SDK has been working great in my initial tests, so kudos to those involved.

The error should be harmless—it simply means that due to no Internet, SDK couldn’t forward the Telemetry data to Estimote Cloud. There’s no switch to disable the forwarding at this time, definitely something we’ll consider adding though, thanks for your feedback!

Thanks for the feedback, that’s good to know. I was hoping it wasn’t batching up all these updates somewhere and would release them in a flood when it happened to get online again, or causing some other unknown behavior.

Thanks again!