Estimate Mirror Swift Example no reponding

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We have tried to use the swift example code in Estimote SDK to build the DisplayExample App. However, the display remain no responding when moving phone close or further. Is there some setting that need to be turned on? Both bluetooth and corelotion are turned on on the phone.

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DisplayExampleApp in the iOS-Mirror-SDK relies both on iOS Mirror SDK and iOS Proximity SDK.

In order to make a display request to Estimote Mirror, you need to be in the range of the device, handled by Proximity SDK enter event. As it didn’t work for you, it’s related with proper Estimote Monitoring BLE packet handling.

Our team checks for your Mirror device configuration in Estimote Cloud to make sure it’s correct for Proximity SDK purposes.

In the meantime, as you know your Mirror device identifier, you can try to display something on the screen without the proximity experience (assuming you are really near (< 1 m) to the device (using the same example):

self.mirrorClient.display(sneakersBanner, onMirror: deviceIdentifier)