Enhancing location accuracy by adding more beacons

  1. Is it possible to enhance location accuracy by adding more than 3 beacons in a room ?

  2. if there are more than 3 beacons in a room , Do I have to do extra job to measure location ?

  1. You can try to build trilateration solution based on beacons but is not going to be super precise in terms of locating user in space. It is not purpose of this technology. Beacons are on the market to give context in particular place.

  2. Only information you have from single beacon is distance from it. There is no direction information. So you need to read distance information from all 3 beacons and based on theirs current position you can try to calculate phone position - but as above it won't be very accurate.

In the future will there be any updates to to the beacon to improve accuracy of the location of a person during trilateration?

Tarek, it's a big challenge due to the beacon's physics but we are working on that.