Eddystone URL too long?

I am new to Eddystone and Beacons…

I have 3 beacons that I’m trying to program remotely for a friend of mine, we are trying to put this url on a notification:

That is a test link, it is for a contest they are having for giving away a free gas gift card, no purchase necessary, just trying to promote their new app, that is about to launch that is free.

But I cannot get that URL in the eddystone-url, it says it is too long.

How do we get urls in there?

How can a URL be too short, when some domain names are long tail domains?

We need to use that shortened url service we own, (YOURLS) so that we can pass the long url it has, so it identifies which beacon they used, because different people will carry the beacons out around…

Anyhow, where do I find out how to do this? I’m not afraid of hard work, but I don’t even know where to start and it seems there is a year of documentation to go over, I don’t have that kind of time.

Can someone point me to the place to find the answer?

I’ve looked at everything I could find on eddystone-url but have not found my answer.

Thank you in advance for any tips/advice/pointers you can share with me.

I don’t think there’s any hard work involved here, no worries :slight_smile: You just need to use a shorter URL—here, the part after the slash could probably be shorter. It doesn’t need to be human-readable—if you want to use the Physical Web, then Chrome/Android will automatically expand (i.e., follow the redirects) the URL. So maybe something like https://olink.us/WFGP1?

I seen a video on YouTube and the guy put a url like:


And it worked.

So why can ours not?

The URL is shown by itself, right? No message as to what it is?

So we want the url to have something like:
In it so they know what it is.

Or is there a way to post a message that says:
Win a FREE $100 gift card click here to enter the nothing to purchase
contest: [shortlink here]



There’s no way that URL would work, can you link the video?

Chrome/Physical Web shows: the URL, page <title>, and page <meta description>, so you can make that message part of the description.

(Hint: if you want an easy way to manage your Physical Web URLs/messages, we have a technology just for that: Estimote Here & Now.)

Sure, here it is…

Notice he copies the long url from the Disney website and uses it.


what did you find out?


Notice how at 0:50, when he pastes the URL, the text below it says “The URL is valid and will be shortened using goo.gl service.”

Hmm, I do see that, was hard to see in the video…

Okay, but ours won’t do that. It won’t take a long url, even our shortened URL…

which is our olink.us YOURLS system, that shortens our long urls:


the domain name alone: localmarketingmailers.com is too long… why though?

olink.us/shortlink is even too long.

that is crazieness.

only 0.04% of domains are short enough.
That leaves out 99.96% of available domains.

What can we do?