Eddystone onenter/onexit


Is it possible to detect onenter/onexit events when entering/exiting eddystone beacon region using android SDK when the beacon is configured to broadcast EddystoneUID? Or are they not supposed to d that? If not is it same with nearable stickers?

I have created an app using Android SDK on Xamarin platform but it only fires these events for ibeacons.

You could build your own “on enter” and “on exit” events using the scanning APIs we provide in Estimote SDK. For example, you set the scan intervals to: 10 second scan, 30 second sleep. This means that every 40 seconds, you’ll get scan results from the last 10 seconds delivered to your listener. Next time this happens, you can compare the list of devices and if some new stickers/Eddystones have appeared in there, treat that as an “on enter” event. And similarly, if any stickers/Eddystones have disappeared from the list, that’d be an “on exit”.

Agreed it’s not necessarily convenient to have to build this yourself, we want to make this available out-of-the-box in the SDK in the future. But for now, that could do the job.

Thanks Piotr,

That worked for me.