Does the new Proximity SDK support periodic scanning?

The previous SDK supported foreground/background scanning and wait periods. Does the new Proximity SDK support this type of periodic scanning?

Hey @Matthew_Gerber

You don’t need to bother with setting scan periods anymore. Honestly, it was difficult to achieve the exact same scan periods throughout all Android phone models - some require different scanning periods to work efficiently. This is why we decided to hide this behind three possible scan modes, and we do all necessary measurements to apply the perfect settings for each phone model (our database is still growing). The possibilities are:
or .withLowPowerMode().

You can read more about them here.

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Thanks for the information. I’m running this on a Google Pixel with Android 8.0. What should I expect (roughly) regarding scan frequency in the foreground/background when using BalancedPowerMode?

this scan modes work for IOs too?