Does the Magnetometer work?

I have not been able to get any telemetry from the magnetometer. I’ve also noticed that the Estimate app itself does not have a section for the magnetometer information under it’s “sensor” section. I’ve updated the firmware and have the most recent SDK.

Does the magnetometer work?

Below is my code for reading the temperature sensor and the magnetometer sensor. I’m getting readings for the temperature but nothing for the magnetometer.

-(void)setTele {
    self.deviceManager  = [[ESTDeviceManager alloc] init];
  //  ESTDeviceFilterLocationBeacon *be = [[ESTDeviceFilterLocationBeacon alloc] initWithIdentifier:@"B9407F30-F5F8-466E-AFF9-25556B57FE6D"];
    ESTDeviceFilterLocationBeacon *be = [[ESTDeviceFilterLocationBeacon alloc] initWithIdentifier:@"bd843de792487c61a6e59ee967b2970b"];
    [self.deviceManager startDeviceDiscoveryWithFilter: be];
    self.deviceManager.delegate = self;
    ESTTelemetryNotificationTemperature *temperatureNotification = [[ESTTelemetryNotificationTemperature alloc]
                                                                    initWithNotificationBlock:^(ESTTelemetryInfoTemperature *temperature) {
                                                                        NSLog(@"Current temperature: %@ C", temperature.temperatureInCelsius);
    ESTTelemetryNotificationMagnetometer *magnetometerNotification = [[ESTTelemetryNotificationMagnetometer alloc]
                                                                    initWithNotificationBlock:^(ESTTelemetryInfoMagnetometer *magnetometer) {
                                                                        NSLog(@"Current magnetometer: %@ xField", magnetometer.normalizedMagneticFieldY);

    [self.deviceManager registerForTelemetryNotification:magnetometerNotification];
    [self.deviceManager registerForTelemetryNotification:temperatureNotification];

4.13.1 seems to solve the magnetometer problem. Now we are getting non-zero sensor data. But it seems to react very very slow

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