Does a WiFi access point impact RSSI of Estimotes


I have read that WiFi signals can interfere with the Bluetooth signals. How much do the estimotes get affected when they are placed in the same room as the WiFi access point? Does the proximity impact the RSSI from estimotes? Thanks!

BLE was specifically designed to co-exist well, so no need to worry here (:

For a more visual explanation, this page has a very nice illustration:

Note how the BLE advertisement channels (i.e., the ones that beacon broadcasting uses) are positioned between the WiFi channels, and also spread out quite a bit, so that even if there’s a microwave introducing lots of noise on one end of the spectrum :slight_smile: , the other should work fine.

RSSI is usually more affected by environmental factors—radio waves bouncing off of objects, or being blocked by them, etc.

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