Disk not ejected properly issue


Sometimes when I’m working with the Mirror plugged into my pc, I receive the following error:

Disk not ejected properly
Eject “MIRROR” before disconnecting or turning it off.

Bear in mind that I always eject the Mirror before unplugging it.
Might it be related to the code I’m running into it?

Thanks in advance.

Don’t worry about this message. It is not related to code. In most cases its MacOS being safe than sorry and Mirror anyway performs it’s own disk check.

Mirror is not an usual USB drive - there is a computer inside. So when you eject device, it needs few seconds to synchronise data on its side. When you immediately physically remove device after unmount some files might not been saved correctly.
There should be a message in right screen corner telling you that is it synchronising data (and refreshing templates). After that you should physically remove device after it remounts itself again (after about 20s).

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Yes, in fact I’m using MacOS. Thanks for the quick response!