Detecting multiple beacons with same UUID


Following your most basic tutorial on monitoring and ranging, i can detect the nearest beacon of an array of beacons with the same uuid. But, once detected, how i discriminate ? I mean, how i identify the beacon? Like, in pseudocode:
"If the beacon region = “Region 1” then…“
"If the beacon major = 1 and the becaon minor = 2 then…”

Maybe this is not a question for here or its’ too basic, in that case, please refer me to some docs? THanks.
Thank you!

When ranging for a UUID, you can differentiate the beacons via their majors and minors. The array passed to the didRangeBeacons delegate is of the CLBeacon objects, and each CLBeacon has major and minor property.

Thanks for answering!
But, when i say “if (nearestBeacon.minor == 9929) …” , being “nearestbeacon” a CLBeacon object, it gives an error (warning) “Comparison between pointer and integer (‘NSNumber *’ and ‘int’)”

Any examples on the matter?

NSNumber is an object, so if you wanted to compare it to a primitive number (such as 9929), you need to convert it to a primitive number first: neareastBeacon.minor.intValue.

You can read and and learn more about NSNumber in this tutorial: It’s a good read, one you should probably go through if you want to learn Objective-C. Distinguishing between objects and primitive types is at the core of programming in Obj-C, so it’ll come in handy many times, I assure you (: