Detect specific beacon on start up using the android sdk

Good day, I am creating a small app with the estimote beacons and i would like to ask the following advice. Considering the fact that the estimotes are delivered with them already broadcasting and i have a requirement where the beacons are placed in a small environment where their broadcast signal interfare with one another. How can i detect which beacon is which without using the estimote app as i don't want users to have to download the estimote app before using mine(Except i have no choice). Also on the android version of the estimote app, the color information is not available like the iphone version, so you have no idea which one you are connected to?..

i was thinking of going through them one by one in a for loop and reduce their broadcasting power and advertising range to a minimum so that i can set them up initially without overlapping signals, but from what i can tell, you can only connect to one device at a time... correct me if am wrong .. Any idea how i can go about this? Many thanks

Hi Manuel,

Thanks for your question. I have some additional questions:
- what does it mean small environment?
- how many beacons you want to use?

It's probably not neccessary to decrease beacons broadcasting power.

About the beacons colors, Android app does not have this function to recognize it. The information is gathered from the cloud and right now it's only available for iOS, sorry!

Good day as regard to your questions. I am using 3 beacons in a home environment where the rooms are close to each other.. setting them up in different rooms would cos the overlap if they are pretty close. thats why i was asking the question.


In this case it's about deploying beacons. I would advice you to experiment with beacon positioning and also reduce broadcasting power.