Connection Packets with ImmediateBeacon example with Location Beacons

Hi, I’m trying to get ImmediateBeacon IOS example working with Location Beacons - the one where you put the beacon on top of the device and scans in low range. It use to work very well, now it doesn’t, it connects to beacons far from the device. I assumed this has something do with the connection packets and those settings? I dunno. I’ve tried set the power to the lowest but no luck. Is there a quick fix I can use to get this running asap?


Hi @aperritano!

Could you provide us more information about example that you mentioned ? Is it a Estimote Cloud template or an example from tutorial ?

Hi Arek,

In the configuration utility from the cloud template or swift examples. The scanner project, with the ImmediateBeaconDetector — how to get this working with the connection packets, shake to connect, etc… right now it connects to random beacons far from it.