Cannot connect to beacon. Authentication problems

I downloaded the demo github and it worked perfectly for me. but now I get an error "Status: Cannot connect to beacon. Authentication problems." when you try to configure the Beacon.
on the other phone, there is no error. tell me how to track down the cause of this error and why it can be?


void onAuthenticationError()
Invoked when there was a problem within authentication to the beacon.

you do not even have written what may be errors. why they can be. as I now understand the problem?

Hi there,

The authentication error means that your phone couldn't pair with the beacon. If it works on other device, then this could be an indication that there's some problem with Bluetooth on your phone.

Some ideas that could help: restart the phone, turn Bluetooth off and on again, make sure the device is not paired with other Bluetooth devices at the same time, limit the amount of other Bluetooth devices in the room etc.