Can I get registerd UUID from ESTBluetoothBeacon Object?

I have UUID of 3 Estimote beacons that have same UUID like “AAAA1234”.

but UUIDs are different eachother
from using ESTUtilityManager

///source code here

(void)utilityManager:(ESTUtilityManager *)manager didDiscoverBeacons:(NSArray *)beacons{

for ( ~ array ~){
[beacons peripheralIdentifier] UUIDString];


there are UUIDs different eachother.
It seems to uniq id like mac address.
how to get the UUID (registered UUID) without locationManager?
I need get same UUID.

Utility Manager doesn’t discover the UUID of the beacon, you should use the Beacon Manager for that. What’s the reason you’re using the Utility Manager instead?

Because Beacon signal has weak security.
If I have 2 smartPhones.
and I can make one as “beacon device”.
then other one for hijacking signal that using illegal or unintend.

so I will make more complicated this.

are you agree?

On other hand, there’s nothing stopping an attacker from spoofing a MAC address as well.

If you want a truly secure solution, I’d encourage you to look into our Secure UUID, or Eddystone-EID.

OK thanks for answer.
have a nice day.