Beacon Technology for Restaurant Services. Useful Guides


We have recently finished our project for a cafe owner using beacon technology and during the development process we had the chance to both research and talk about ways that we could use this technology that definitely became an integral part of any business and has benefits for everyone. The Restaurant Industry is highly competitive and I believe that beacon technology is must-have for this business area.

Watch this video and read this article to get more ideas.

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Hey thanks for the links :slight_smile:

I would love to know how to Help customers navigate in the café, especially a large one with several floors ???

How is it possible? Let’s pretend 100 customers are entering the restaurant looking for their table and the restaurant is based on 2 floors :smiley:

How is it possible everyone finds his table?

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Just forgot to add a link to our Indoor Solution System we have developed for one of our clients:

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