Anyone encounter "No beacons for given tag values" even if value exsists

i am making an app that’s checking for beacons and show the ones near/far user
i cant seem to get it working… the monitor app can see and connect to the beacons but my app cant, i keep getting this error no matter how much i change the “Tag” value
“NoContextForGivenZonesException: No beacons for given tag values. Make sure you’ve entered tag names correctly, your app has network connection available (at least once), and tags are correctly assigned to your beacons in Estimote Cloud.”

here is my very basic code as followed by instructions

public class MainActivity extends AppCompatActivity {

private ProximityObserver proximityObserver;

protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {

    EstimoteCloudCredentials cloudCredentials =
            new EstimoteCloudCredentials("bla-bla-bla", "abcdabcd12341234");
    this.proximityObserver =
            new ProximityObserverBuilder(getApplicationContext(), cloudCredentials)
                    .onError(throwable -> {
                        Log.e("app", "proximity observer error: " + throwable);
                        return null;
    ProximityZone zone = new ProximityZoneBuilder()
            .onEnter(context -> {
                String deskOwner = context.getAttachments().get("desk-owner");
                Log.d("app", "Welcome to " + deskOwner + "'s desk");
                return null;
            .onExit(context -> {
                Log.d("app", "Bye bye, come again!");
                return null;
            .onContextChange(contexts -> {
                List<String> deskOwners = new ArrayList<>();
                for (ProximityZoneContext context : contexts) {
                Log.d("app", "In range of desks: " + deskOwners);
                return null;

                    // onRequirementsFulfilled
                    () -> {
                        Log.d("app", "requirements fulfilled");
                        return null;
                    // onRequirementsMissing
                    requirements -> {
                        Log.e("app", "requirements missing: " + requirements);
                        return null;
                    // onError
                    throwable -> {
                        Log.e("app", "requirements error: " + throwable);
                        return null;


any help will be greatly appreciated thanks :slight_smile: