Android: monitor region via wildcard and detect exit

Hi estimote community,

quick question: I wanna monitor two beacons (sharing same proximity ID) and use the Android onEnter../onExit... methods.

My region is initialized like this:
private static final Region MONITORINGREGION = new Region("mrid", ESTIMOTEPROXIMITY_UUID, null, null);

The onENteredRegion is called 100% correctly but the onExit... is never called when movin away. Does monitoring a region with null/null major/minor values imply that you can not receive the onExit event?

Thaxn for your help,
cheers - Florian

P.S.: I know I can use onBeaconDiscovered ranging approach...but I rather prefer the non polling approach so please let me know whether this is possible...

Hi Florian -- onExit should work just fine with null major and minor values. In such case, your device needs to go out of range of all the beacons with ESTIMOTE_PROXIMITY_UUID. Note that all Estimote beacons ship with this UUID by default, so maybe there's some other beacon nearby other than the two, which prevents the onExit from happening?

You might also notice a slight delay between going out of range and getting the onExit notification. This is to ensure that the user really exited the region, and that it's not just a temporary state -- e.g. because somebody just walked past the beacon (human body absorbs Bluetooth signals).