Android Applocation Record can not be rewritten in Estimote app

Hello. Everyone.

I have purchased a “Proximity Beacons with NFC”.
And, they are trying to rewrite the NFC tag of the beacon.

However, because the loading mark the location of the AAR is being displayed, it can not be rewritten.

estimote cloud of account is not wrong.

How do you resolve it?

Android devices that I have used is the following.

Nexus 5X
Android 6.0.1
Estimote app version:1.8.6

Thank you.

Can you private-message me this device’s identifier?

I’m sorry.
I’m not good at English.

Do I by telling the identifier of the device that you could not rewrite.

Identifier of rewriting could not be device is the following.


Thank you.

This phenomenon was solved.