Always online mode?


I heard that there was an ‘always online’ mode available for LTE Beacons so that the LTE modem stays on, one reason to do this would be to reduce latency in cloud sync.

I could not find this documented anywhere, but some sleuthing through the Javascript environment lead me to finding an enum called sync.Mode, this contains three values:


Initially, I could not initially find a function that would accept these parameters, but through pure guesswork, I did find the following (undocumented?) function:


My thought was to call the function this way to set the device into always online:


However in testing, doesn’t seem to be keeping the LTE radio on, so I’m unsure if there are any parameters missing from the above, or if the setMode() function is even the relevant call to keep the LTE modem hot.

Can anyone provide details on how to enable the ‘always online’ mode?


  1. Function is undocumented for a couple of reasons
    a. it is not ready yet
    b. it is meant for closed tests
    c. it might me changed or even removed without further notice
  2. Your current firmware might not support or fully support it yet
  3. This is a private beta and as soon as we will be ready it will be posted in official documentation.


Thanks for the response. This feature will be necessary for our application, we already have over 100 LTE beacons that will need to operate in this mode. Let me know how we can get involved in this private beta.


Hi @pober, can you direct me to the right resource?