After update to xcode 7 have problems

hi, anyone have problems with xcode 7, before of update was fine, please help me.

the error is: Pods/EstimoteSDK/EstimoteSDK/EstimoteSDK.framework/EstimoteSDK(ESTBeaconDefinitions.o)’ does not contain bitcode. You must rebuild it with bitcode enabled (Xcode setting ENABLE_BITCODE), obtain an updated library from the vendor, or disable bitcode for this target. for architecture armv7
clang: error: linker command failed with exit code 1 (use -v to see invocation)

hi, just go to the project build settings and disable or enable “Enable bitcode”


We’ll release a bitcode-enabled framework early next week. For now :arrow_right: what Ricardo said (:

Thank you Ricardo it solved my problem for the moment, Heypiotr i will waiting an update :smiley:

with iOS9, seems without bitcode enable I won’t be able to run on a physical device :frowning:
Hope a solutions comes soon.

I can run it…u might have a diferent problem mb