Add Node.js library `bent` to LTE libraries, replacing `request`?

The Node.js request library is deprecated, along with request-promise.

The lead developer of request made a new library called bent that supports async/await and native ES6 promises.

Could Estimote add bent to the list of Node.js libraries supported by the LTE Beacon’s sandboxed Node.js 10.x environment?

@Piotr_Malek Could you see if any of the Estimote team could reply to this?

There are plenty of HTTP libraries for Node.js. request and request-promise have to stay, because there might be some Cloud code using them that was written before they were deprecated.
In our sandboxed environment you have also quite popular superagent.
bent is a quite fresh library and its not even mentioned on the list of most popular HTTP request libraries.
I would like to have some more users support that bent is the library they would like to use and not others from mentioned list.