Accessing LTE Beacon Secure UUID

I’ve got LTE beacons that I’m currently using as proximity beacons.

I’m working on a location tracking solution that sends the mobile device’s GPS coordinates to a database upon identifying a beacon. But I want to make use of Secure UUID and I want to update my database everytime the secure UUID changes. Is there a way to have access to the latest Secure UUID of each beacon? And is there a way to change the frequency at which the Secure UUID changes?

There’s no option to advertise Secure UUID or Secure Monitoring data on the LTE Beacon, so you may just need to get some Proximity Beacons.

That said, I’m not sure I entirely understand your project, and it sounds like an interesting one, so I’d love to learn more—out of curiosity, and also so that maybe we can advise you further (;

It sounds to me like you want to put an LTE Beacon on something, and when it comes in range of a beacon, send the LTE Beacon’s GPS coordinate to the cloud? Is that right?

That sucks. There is nothing at all that can be done to advertise secure UUID on LTE beacons?

The project is to have beacons all over and when any mobile device comes within range of the beacon, the mobile device sends the GPS coordinates of the mobile phone to a cloud server. So essentially, any mobile device running the app should be able to send it’s own GPS coordinates to my cloud server when it comes within the range of the beacon.

Gotcha. The Proximity Beacon with Secure Monitoring (and Proximity SDK integrated into the mobile app) seems to be a more cost-efficient fit for that though? Unless I’m missing something.

Would I be able to schedule a call with you to discuss the project in more detail?

You can ping us at Best to include a short description of your project, so that you’re redirected to the best person to talk to (: