Using beacons outdoors to identify owner's pallets(mostly IT equipments) among hoardsof shipments

Hello Estimote team

You had replied to this question 3 months back -said it was a great use case.
We have bought a few of your beacons (25 no.s) and did some testing, developed an android app that can detect the named/added beacon’s proximity at a range of 0-4 metres. As a user, I can add the beacons, on checking nearness /proximity, it shows the nearest beacon first, but the approximate distance keeps varying on every refresh, though i am not moving my/beacon position. Will it not show the correct distance /proximity every time I refresh? My use case is listed above, and still remains same, I was hoping to provide a solution whereby the user can at least search for his pallets in say a 4 metre radius among the hoards of shipments. But would’nt the distance be fixed once the beacon is found?
Any tips?


Thanks for taking the time to share your issues and concerns!

I replied to the original thread, let’s keep the conversation there: