Use case for Estimote - Send HTTP Request with Phone's IDFA

Here’s what I’m trying to accomplish:

A user walks into a store with a beacon placed. When the user/phone is within X feet of the beacon, the beacon (or maybe the phone?) fires an HTTP request to a server sending the IDFA of the phone to the server (i.e. sends a request to ).

Is this possible using Estimote?

Yup, absolutely: that’d be the monitoring feature of our SDK. And you can adjust the range of the beacon (and thus the distance at which the HTTP request is triggered) by modifying its broadcasting power.

The only thing to keep in mind: beacon technology isn’t great for precise positioning—i.e., you can’t say, I want this triggered exactly at 10 feet. It’s more along the lines of I want this triggered more or less at about 10 feet, give or take a few. To better understand why is that, read our blog post on the physics of beacon tech.