SDK 1.0.14 changes

“Add timestamp field to all packets parsed from scanner” is in changelog for 1.0.14.

What does it mean?
Can I read this value?


Estimote should update the JAVADOC!

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So @alexander, what is this?

for example:
public void onEddystonesFound(List<Eddystone> list) {}

An object “eddystone” in this list is Eddystone-Object.

So I can read the timestamp just as follows:


but, no entry for it in JAVADOC!

But what this timestamp?
The emission hour for example?

I think, the only meaning is: the last seen timestamp…

okey, will try to see


It means it it the last time that packet was reported. Android BLE scanner provides such information so it was exposed in the packet itself (and converted into Date object for convenience).
Ranging removes packet from the list after 15s it was reported last time. You can use this timestamp field to filter out list by yourself and remove, for example, packets that were more than 2s old.

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