Real time navigation using Location UWB Beacons

I’m senior at college and working on my graduation project which is an indoor navigation app. I’m using Location UWB Beacons and I was successful in showing the location of the user and it’s path that the user already took.

However, I’m trying to tweak the code to creat real-time navigation from point A to point B relying on the beacons to detect the user location. I want to make the app show the best path “in-front” of the user, not the path already taken.

Can you help me by sharing a sample code or a way to accomplish what I’m trying to do?

Thank you.


We don’t have anything to share sadly, but I found this tutorial on doing path-finding on iOS:

It’s based on a 2D game example, but the general idea of “what’s the shortest path from A to B that doesn’t run into any walls/obstacles” should be re-usable in the context of a 2D indoor map.