Ranging doesn't find beacons in android 7

I have an app that works well while ranging beacons in androind 6 and lower. When running the same application in Android 7 (I tested LG k580 device) the ranging listenter “onBeaconsDiscovered” always delivers an empty List.
I already made sure to grant and check the required permissions for this sdk version: “ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION”.
The Estimote application in “devices” (radar) is able to find all my beacons successfully

I’ve got the same problem. Same APK built as release works on Huawei P9 EVA-L09 on Android 7.0 and other devices with older Androids.
The problem exists at Nexus X with Android 7.1.1 and on Nexus 6P with Android O.

Thanks for bringing our attention to it! Can you report this on our Android SDK GitHub bug tracker? Our developers will look into it.

Forget about 7, it is now 8 and this is important - Android Oreo.

Hi, Javier. Did you manage to solve this? I’m having a similar issue with Android 6 and 7, but everything seems fine in Android 5.

Hi Juan Diego, I could not solve it so I decided to use an alternative library. I have been working with altbeacon SDK for ibeacon packets, it works very well.

Thanks a lot for the information, Javier. It’s good to know there are alternatives, but also very sad to have to use them instead of the official SDK.