Ranging distance to stickers

Hello, I was wondering if it’s possible to provide more detailed range measurements with stickers and the Android SDK instead of using the enum values from: ‘computeProximity(nearable)’. I would like to show an approximation of the number of steps to the stickers from an Android app

In general, estimating distance to an individual beacon or sticker is a tough topic, and it’s not unusual to see +/- 30–50% errors. That’s why we opted only for “proximity” for stickers, to avoid building unrealistic expectations.

Can you let us know how this “number of steps” in your app benefits the user of the app?

Hi Piotr,

I wanted to create some sort of ‘treasure hunt’ for products in a retail store. The user would get a reward when they find the product with the sticker. So to track the products with stickers I wanted to show the distance a bit more specific so they can track easier. But now that I think of it. The stickers only have a limited range so I don’t know if they are suitable anyway.

Gr Tim

Depending on what kind of products we’re talking about, maybe you’ll be able to hide Proximity/Location Beacons in them instead (; Should be easy to do it, e.g., in a shoe, a pocket in a jacket, etc.

My fellower Estimoter, @Marcin_Mycek, tried doing something similar in our office this week … except he was trying to find his own beacon he lost, so he made himself a simple “hot/cold” app. He did find the beacon (: