Notification Demo for more than one beacon

Hello dears

I have 3 beacons , how can I expand the Notification Demo to send different notifications based on the beacon’s identifier ?

if you have an example code , share it with me plz !

thank you

Hello, you must register the cloud estimote the app attachment in yours beacons.

for example I use proximity beacons and this is the code:

val zone = ProximityZoneBuilder()
.onEnter {val title: String = it.attachments[“appId/title”] ?: “unknown”
val helloNotification = buildNotification(getproximityTitle(title), getproximityTextEntrada(title))
notificationManager.notify(notificationId,helloNotification )}

And getProximityTitle(String) and getproximityextEntrada(String) are funtions that I create for change the title and text for this notification.

fun getproximityTitle(beacon:String):String {
val proximityContentAdapter = ProximityContentAdapter(context)

    val titulo = proximityContentAdapter.getTitleNotification(beacon)

    return titulo

fun getTitleNotification(beacon:String): String {
val lista: List = listOf(“Math”, “Biblio”,“Economicas”,“Derecho”,“Filosofía”,“Ciencias”,“No se encuentra el beacon”)

    return when (beacon) {

        "ice" ->lista.get(0)

        "coconut" -> lista.get(1)

        "candy" -> lista.get(2)

        "mint" -> lista.get(3)

        "blueberry" -> lista.get(4)

        "lemon" -> lista.get(5)

        else -> lista.get(6)